The Staten Island September 11 First Responders Memorial honors members of the Staten Island community who have served in their rescue / recovery effort after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and have passed away in recent years due to health issues caused by toxic substances contained in WTC debris.

The concept for the memorial originates in a desire to create a place that connects all the victims back with us. It is conceived of as part of continuous “Ring” that floats in front of the existing Staten Island 9/11 Memorial overlooking the WTC site beyond, symbolizing personal connections between loved ones. It can also be seen as two large arms holding up the City from below, as the First Responders represent “Foundation” of the WTC site and New York’s future prosperity. The new memorial will be integrated with the existing memorial both conceptually and formally, by sharing/framing the WTC view axis which symbolizes connection between the community and former Twin Towers across the harbor.

Each Staten Islander is honored with their name and other facts in 9”x11” stone plaque. The blue green color and pattern of the polished quartzite blend with the tone and movement of New York Harbor. The white engraved texts which represent victims appear to be floating above water looking across towards WTC site, as peaceful reminders of the past, and of hope for the future. Text font and sizes of the victims are designed to be identical to the existing 9/11 Memorial plaques, in order to reinforce connection between two victims and memorials.

Location: Staten Island, NY
Date: September 2017
Project Team:
Designer: Masayuki Sono
Structural Engineer: Leslie E. Robertson Associates
Graphic Design: Chikage Murayama
Photography: GION

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