The Pleats Please collection is manufactured as flat garments. Their folds embody shapes that allow them to conform to individual bodies. The design for the Soho store interprets Pleats into an architectural concept: through an inverse methodology, three-dimensional forms are compressed and captured in flat translucent planes.

These planes serve to expand the perceived boundary of the space, displacing our sense of depth by transforming the normative flow of optical phenomena. Reflections of scattered lights and glowing pedestals enhance the ethereal atmosphere. The overall impression is an ephemeral medium that composes a soft backdrop for the Pleats collection.

Layers of flexibility are built into the small space. Dressing rooms are sub-dividable and expandable to meet the demands of peak shopping seasons. Universal display tables favor any position, each face perforated with a field of holes, through which metal rods can be threaded for use as shelves or hanging rods.

Location: Soho, New York
Date: September 2010
Project Team:
Principals: Masayuki Sono, Ostap Rudakevych
Lighting Design: Brian Mosbacher
Specialty Wall: Associated Fabrication LLC
Digital Modeling Consultants: Ben Carr, Stan Vinokur
Photography: GION

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