The Staten Island September 11 Memorial honors members of the Staten Island community who were lost in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and February 26,1993.

The concept for the memorial originates in a desire to create a place that connects all the victims back with us. It is conceived of as two enlarged postcards, symbolizing personal communications between loved ones. They are folded to reflect the messages being personal, and its formal abstract quality inspire people to find different meanings into it.

The walls are set symmetrically on waterfront park, framing the view axis that once connected the community and Twin Towers across the harbor. They open towards water in plan and towards sky in elevation, creating a space with sense of privacy and liberation within public realm.

Each Staten Islander is honored on walls with their profile silhouette, name and other facts in 9”x11” granite plaque. Recessed light shafts behind each profiles create depth and movement, also allowing natural and illumination lights to pass through to highlight their silhouettes. All the profiles look across the harbor towards WTC site, as peaceful reminders of the past, and of hope for the future.

Location: Staten Island, New York
Date: September 2004
Project Team:
Principals: Masayuki Sono
Collaborator: Lapshan Fong
Structural and Civil engineer: Weidlinger Associates Inc.
Landscape design: Mathews Neilsen Landscape Architecture
Lighting design: Fisher Marantz Stone
Graphics and Signage: That's Nice
Photography: Suisho Moriguchi, Brian Mosbacher

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